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AV-Preeminent Rating
David I. Karp, Mediation Services Mediation of Real Estate and Business Disputes in Southern California
David I. Karp, Mediation Services Mediation of Real Estateand Business Disputes inSouthern California 

Some Accolades from Mediation Participants

Here's what people are saying about David I. Karp, Mediation Services.

[The following "accolades" are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.*  Please also consider reading the letters of other observers or participants here.]


"The mediator was terrific. Very thoughtful, experienced and engaged.  Without his help the matter would not have been resolved." D.L.G, Encino, CA.


"Thank you for your wise guidance during the mediation.... I believe most mediators are not well-suited for the responsibility that comes with that job.  Most do a horrible job and most have no business calling themselves 'mediators.'  You have a very good approach that makes it obvious that you understand and appreciate the true role of a mediator.  This all showed yesterday.... I compliment you on your skills as a mediator. H.N, Woodland Hills, CA."


"Many thanks for your hard work, preparedness, and assistance in getting this case settled.  We recognize it was not an easy one and greatly appreciate your efforts."  P.H.B, Glendale, CA.


"Thank you David for your excellent work as always."  S.W.W., Thousand Oaks, CA.


"Please accept my gratitude and compliments regarding Monday's mediation.  Your deft touch, keen interpersonal skills and professional acumen spared all parties from avoidable expense and wasted effort. Thank you." R.L.A., Woodland Hills, CA.


"I want to thank you for yesterday.  You are the consummate mediator and professional and I don't say that lightly." A.A.H., Encino, CA.


"Thank you for your professional, and personalized, mediation services yesterday, which settled a very contentious case.... I will certainly recommend your services to colleagues and to opposing counsel in future mediations."  D.R.Y., Los Angeles, CA.


"Thank you for your assistance today.  You did a great job cutting to the chase and to quickly getting the parties to 'YES.'"  S.N.N., Woodland Hills, CA.


"I just wanted to thank you for your usual stellar job in resolving this case. You were logical yet compassionate which helped [my clients] through this ordeal."  L.S.M, Los Angeles, CA.


"I never thought that we would be able to settle our case and you did it!  Mediating with you was a great experience."  M.L.A., Los Angeles, CA.


"Hi David! You did a mediation for us in [two months ago], and I just wanted to thank you for doing such a good job. I have to admit that I was very skeptical going in--I felt like we were dealing with totally irrational people, and I didn't have much faith that we would come to an agreement. With your help, not only did we come to a settlement, but the other [side] as of last week actually came through on their settlement obligations, which came as a big surprise to us and totally restored my faith in the system. So I just wanted to say thank you for taking the process so seriously and doing a great job for everyone involved. My sister and I really appreciate your professionalism and skill as a mediator!
[A.D., (a non-lawyer, representing herself), Metropolitan Los Angeles area]"


"David: Thank you for your assistance in reaching a very satisfactory outcome to this difficult matter. My clients were very complimentary about your professionalism and appreciate your invaluable contribution. Please feel free to add me to your list of references. All the best, [S.M., Van Nuys, CA]"


"Dear Mr. Karp, I just got to my office and saw your email. I want to thank you again for the way you mediated this matter. Obviously, the parties had really 'dug in their heels' and each felt the other was totally at fault. Your patience and comforting demeanor calmed each side down and when they looked at the realities of the lawsuit through your prism I think they finally realized settlement made the most sense. I look forward to working with you again. If any future clients want to talk to one of your satisfied 'customers,' please have them call me. Best regards, [M. B., Sunland, CA]."

"I have had the pleasure to work with David I. Karp on a few occasions in mediation, a couple of which were very contentious and emotional. I cannot overstate the patience, attention, professionalism and dedication that Mr. Karp displayed during each session. He was well-prepared and grasped the fundamental stumbling blocks quickly, giving them the necessary attention early on to open up the parties’ dialogue and eventually reach a settlement. I look forward to working with Mr. Karp in the future. Thank you David for being great at what you do! "  J.V., Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks especially for the great job Friday. I thought the way you earned the trust of a very angry client [of mine] was particularly impressive. We'll be working together again, and I look forward to it." K.A.S., Manhattan Beach, CA

"Thank you very much for your services on Friday. My client and I had not thought the matter could settle, but with your hard work and experience in helping litigants work through some of the emotions involved, we were ultimately successful. I am retaining your name as a candidate for future mediations that involve real estate transactions in the LA area. I found you very experienced in the “art” of mediation. You also exhibited throughout the long day a highly professional, respectful and pleasant demeanor – which aids in the settlement process." J.C.W., Foothill Ranch, CA

"A tardy but sincere 'thank you' for your good work in successfully mediating settlement of [our] matter. My client is thankful the matter is behind her, and is grateful for your efforts in achieving that result." D.J.H., Westlake Village, CA

"Many thanks for your assistance David...this dispute wouldn't have settled without your expertise...thanks again." J.A.B., Woodland Hills, CA

"We were finally able to settle this case at the MSC [Mandatory Settlement Conference], one week before the trial date, in front of our judge.... The negotiations in which you were involved were useful in that they demonstrated our efforts to the judge, and provided a solid footing from which to build. Thanks for helping to get that ball rolling." D.D., Pasadena, CA

"It was a pleasure to participate in mediation under your supervision. Your approach to mediation was unlike I had ever seen and it was in my opinion one of the best mediation sessions I had ever seen." L.Y., Glendale, CA

"I would like to share some of my thoughts with you regarding your services for the mediation [in my client's case.] When the mediation commenced, I was not optimistic the case would settle in that defendants had never offered any money to resolve this claim, despite the merits of my client's claim. Your opening introduction to participants, explanation of the process, and expectations were 20 minutes well spent. You set a very positive tone and were instrumental in resolving this matter, which was to the benefit of all concerned. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise. I look forward to utilizing your services in the future, and you may feel free to use this office as a reference." J.E.K., Encino, CA

"It was a pleasure having an opportunity to work with you in connection with the recent mediation. You were very helpful in getting the parties together and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the near future." D.H.M., Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for your excellent services as a mediator in this difficult real property matter. I frankly was surprised at being able to reach an agreement at an early stage of the proceedings and believe your services were instrumental in that regard." K.L.M., Diamond Bar, CA

"Though I know you personally, I have never had the opportunity of experiencing your impressive mediation style and skills. You did a wonderful job for which we are very grateful." J.E.A., Encino, CA

"I wanted to personally thank you, again, for your outstanding job in counseling both parties into settlement in the aforementioned case. Please be assured that I will contact your office the next time a legal matter necessitates mediation services. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism." M.A.B., Century City, CA

*The circumstances of your matter may differ from the matters in which results and testimonials have been provided.  These statements are not guarantees, warranties, or predictions regarding the outcome of your matter.

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